Introducing an innovative paradigm in in-flight entertainment: the forthcoming debut of an unparalleled system designed for members, traveling on aircraft amongst the Virtual Hangar® platform. This system in conjunction with Virtual Hangar Media will provide a range of entertainment options for passengers, including movies, TV shows, music, and games, all of which are accessible through a user-friendly interface on both web and mobile devices. In addition to entertainment, the system will also offer real-time flight information and access to other Virtual Hangar® services, making the overall travel experience more enjoyable and convenient for passengers. With this new system, passengers can look forward to a more personalized and immersive in-flight experience.

Aircraft Information

Access to information about the aircraft model, year of manufacture, seating configuration, and even its maintenance history. Providing passengers with a more comprehensive understanding of the aircraft they are traveling on.


A wide range of TV shows and movies for passengers to enjoy during their flights. The entertainment library will include the latest blockbuster movies, popular TV shows, and news, ensuring that there is something for everyone's taste.


Communication capabilities, allow passengers to stay in touch with their loved ones while in the air. This feature will include text and email capabilities, enabling passengers to send and receive messages throughout their flight.

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