Inside Look: What is UberJets and the Virtual Hangar® Platform

UberJets is a private aviation company that provides on-demand private jet charter services. The company operates with a membership model, offering clients access to a network of private jets for charter. Here are some key points about UberJets:

  1. Membership Plans: UberJets offers various membership plans that cater to different levels of usage and preferences. Family Membership $9,500/Annually and Corporate $14,500/Annually with a one-time membership initiation fee of $5,000. Members gain access to a range of benefits, including reduced rates, personalized service, and priority booking.
  2. On-Demand Service: UberJets allows users to book private jet flights on-demand through their app or website. The service provides flexibility and convenience, enabling users to schedule flights with short notice. (The current record held is 36 minutes, on a flight from Teterboro to Kansas City)
  3. Technology Integration: The company leverages advanced Virtual Hangar® technology to streamline the booking process. Their platform allows users to compare different aircraft options, view pricing, and make reservations efficiently.
  4. Aircraft Network: UberJets has a network of Virtual Hangar® approved private aircraft, ensuring a variety of options for different needs and preferences. This includes light jets, mid-size jets, heavy jets, and even turboprops.
  5. Safety Standards: Safety is a priority for UberJets. The company partners with operators that comply with stringent safety regulations and industry standards. ARG/US Gold and Platinum & WAYVERN rated Aircraft They also ensure that all aircraft and crew meet high safety criteria.
  6. Cost Structure: The cost of flights with UberJets is a Pay-As-You-Fly model and can vary based on several factors, including the user’s selection of aircraft type, and flight distance. Members enjoy lower rates and additional perks compared to non-members. To see pricing click here
  7. Customer Base: UberJets caters to a diverse clientele, including business executives, Athletes, celebrities, and individuals seeking luxury travel experiences. The service is popular among those who value privacy, convenience, and time efficiency.
  8. Global Reach: Although primarily serving the United States, UberJets offers access to international destinations, making it a viable option for both domestic and international travel.
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UberJets positions itself as a tech-savvy, customer-centric provider in the private aviation market, emphasizing convenience, safety, and luxury.

Virtual Hangar®
Virtual Hangar® software bosts as the world #1 private jet booking platfrom.

The Virtual Hangar®

“Virtual Hangar” is a feature or service provided by UberJets that offers members a personalized digital space where they can manage their private aviation needs. Here are some key aspects of Virtual Hangar®:

  1. Aircraft Management: Virtual Hangar® allows members to store and manage information about their preferred aircraft. This includes details about the jets they frequently use or have access to, making it easier to book and manage flights.
  2. Flight History and Preferences: Members can track their flight history and set preferences for future travel. This helps streamline the booking process by allowing quick access to past itineraries and preferred routes.
  3. Customized Experience: The platform offers a tailored experience, where members can set and update their travel preferences, special requests, and other personalized details to enhance their flight experience.
  4. Booking and Scheduling: Virtual Hangar® simplifies the process of booking and scheduling flights. Members can view available aircraft, compare options, and make reservations directly through the platform.
  5. Cost Management: The feature includes tools for managing and tracking flight costs, providing transparency and control over travel expenses. Members can view detailed cost breakdowns and manage their budget effectively.
  6. Enhanced Communication: Virtual Hangar® facilitates better communication between members and UberJets’ support team. Members can easily reach out for assistance, updates, or any changes needed for their bookings.
  7. Technology Integration: The feature leverages advanced technology to provide real-time updates, notifications, and seamless integration with other UberJets services. This ensures a smooth and efficient user experience.
Members seamlessly browse aircraft that suit their custom needs

Overall, Virtual Hangar® is designed to offer UberJets members the most comprehensive and user-friendly platform to manage their private jet travel needs, ensuring convenience, efficiency, and personalization.

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