Counteract the Effects of Jet Lag With High-Tech Inflight LED Lighting

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If you truly think about it, modern aviation is a miracle. You can go from one side of the world to the other within hours. But it comes with side effects. Most world travelers know that when they hop time zones on the first day of their trip (or longer), they feel fatigued and disorientation before having to adjust to the time difference. 

These effects are commonly referred to as jet lag. Jet lag is a form of circadian desynchrony, which is a disruption of the body’s internal clock. There are so many tricks of the trade to combat Jet lag; over-the-counter drugs or fighting the urge to sleep until you sync up to the time zone you are traveling in. But what if the plane that you’re traveling in prevents jet lag? Airbus, a French-based aircraft manufacturer designed a new plane, the A350 XWB with features meant to ease the effects of jet lag. The A350 XWB is fitted with 16.7 million LED color combinations that generate light within the cabin. The LED lights are used to trick passengers’ bodies by exposing them to imitation sunlight that changes throughout the flight, which copies the natural progression of the day into night, or night into the day. Will this work at reducing the effects of jet lag? Catch a ride and let us know!

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